We designed a new My-ING savings environment with a focus on cross-platform compliance and Omni-channel.

Tools we used

  • Sketch
  • Principle
  • Invision
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Adobe_Illustrator


ING asked Storm for making a new strategy for digital saving, designing several (interactive) concepts with an excellent customer experience. We introduced Design Sprints within the front-end teams and organized them, taking on the role of “facilitator”. We also prepared wireframes for customer routes and coordinated these with Customer Journey Experts and Product Owners.


We designed a new My-ING savings environment with a focus on cross-platform compliance and Omni-channel. Another important point is that all concepts are substantiated data-driven designed. We made persona’s and customer journey’s from end-users and combined it with “big data”, served as a guide for the new designs.”

ING Savings goal - UX flow
ING - UX design detail 1
ING - UX design detail 2

(re) Design a new online Savings environment

We specialize in Ux and visual design for multichannel software and service experiences. From exploring existing research to revealing qualitative customer insights based on (big) data. These insights are translated to new userflows and interaction design. In addition, we made prototypes of our designs to presented them to the target group of ING.

Analyze & understanding customers flows

At ING we often use analytic tools. We used both Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics for A-B testing.


We are experts in the development and adjustment of user flows: We become nervous if we do not outline concepts or improve flows. We will continue until we have designed the perfect flow with one goal: satisfied end users. Via Swift we were able to monitor real-time user flows, whereby errors and difficulties in interaction could be quickly detected. With front-end teams, these flows could often be adjusted at lightning speed.


We have conducted many usability tests and also had many usability tests carried out with renowned agencies such as Valsplat and De fabriek.

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What's next

Philips - Pathology

As a design partner of Philips, we designed a consistent and logical User Experience for a new platform that was intended for digital pathology. Through our three-phase UX process we create valuable insights, innovative concepts and high quality UX deliverables