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Storm creates impact through ux design.

We’ve worked internationally for market-leading clients and have developed our own vision how we want to innovate through UX design. Our approach is data and end-user driven. It is also compatible with various forms of agile project methodologies (such as Scrum). This way we can easily collaborate with your in-house or outsourced ICT team to achieve a top product in a streamlined way. A product in the form of service or software that is more efficient, finer and easier for end users.

Creating cutting edge user experiences with a strong strategy.

Peter Wijngaards

Peter Wijngaards

sr. UX Designer | UX lead
Timo de Looij

Timo de Looij

sr. UX Designer
3 decades of design experience

Meet the experts.

We started as strangers. We became friends and began our UX dream. We grew as a two man team and built a UX department. Eventually we founded our company: Storm UXD. And that is exactly where we want to be. We are creative, independent, data driven, detail oriented and we have a clear vision at how we want to innovate through UX design. Together we have 3 decades of design experience.

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We have more than 14 years of experience in developing and optimizing innovative service and software services for healthcare. From making existing applications user-friendly to developing new innovative apps. We believe that research and collaboration are essential components for the success of a software and service design project within healthcare. That is why we take the time to understand your care institution, the workplace and your users. This helps us to realize high-quality services and applications that optimally meet the needs of your users.


We have a lot of experience with the development and optimization of innovative software and services for financial institutions. We have been involved in various innovative self-service concepts and customer portals. Contact us for the realization of disruptive applications and services based on hard insights into the needs of your customers in a rapidly changing financial world.


We like to work at software development companies with an agile mindset. Implementing the UX discipline within the organisation or participating in an already UX mature culture gives us a lot of satisfaction. Enterprise-level software and apps must enable users of your application to work smarter and thus make a positive contribution to the overall productivity of the organization. We are passionate UX Designers and are very experienced in developing effective and meaningful enterprise applications and software. With our track record we can help you develop enterprise solutions that really make a difference for your organization.


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