We optimise and innovate digital services and software through UX design

STORM = High Quality UX Design

Anno 2006

We transform & create both new software, as well as existing products. We use big data analysis, user centered design methodology, and broad knowledge and experience in technology and user experience design.

Through our three-phase UX process we create valuable insights, innovative concepts and high quality UX deliverables for a wide range of products, systems and platforms (including desktop, web, mobile and embedded systems).

Whether it is through conversion, user-satisfaction, key feature usage, or user productivity – our solid UX design will help you achieve your business goals. We are capable of realizing opportunities in complex business environments with a flexible and agile approach.


UX design can be applied at different points in every process. We have divided our services in three phases:


Understanding the user is essential. Wishes and needs are represented in easy-to-understand deliverables. This should cause alignment behind a common goal, or design challenge. Phase 1 is about empathy, understanding, and making it tangible to all stakeholders.


Now that the needs are clear, we can start designing. We start with sketches and work our way up to highly detailed designs. While designing, every insight from phase 1 should find its way into the designs.


Everything that has been designed is going to be built by developers. Working closely together with the people that will transform the designs into actual living working software is very important.

UX design, as it should be

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We are very proud that we were able to help these clients with our UX design approach. Inspiring companies, positive energy and meaningful projects. We have achieved remarkable results together!